April 10, 2009

Carbon Sinks Losing The Battle With Rising Emissions

Emissions rising too fast for oceans and forests. Dr. Mike Raupach, co-chair of the Global Carbon Project and scientist at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), has reported that the elements of nature such as forests, grasslands and oceans have been absorbing CO2 at unprecedented rates because of a continued increase in human-caused carbon emissions. In fact, these natural carbon absorbers can no longer keep up. Dr. Andreas Fischlin of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology explains how this situation could lead to a serious global warming tipping point.

Dr. Andreas Fischlin – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (M): Land ecosystems, which are currently sequestering about one quarter of all emissions, will stop doing that, and they will actually switch into becoming a source of CO2, so they will add to our own emissions, which will require us even to more compensate this if we would get to this point. So they would accelerate climate change instead what they’re doing now, they are slowing it down. So we must not lose that service from land ecosystems. The point where you actually switch from being a sink and sequestering carbon and to becoming a source in emitting carbon is a tipping point.

VOICE: Knowing this, Dr. Mike Raupach stated, “Such a change would have drastic consequences for the predicted magnitude or speed of climate change occurring.”

We appreciate your insights, Drs. Raupach and Fischlin. Our prayers that this knowledge will help bring about quick and effective actions to avoid irreversible trends such as these.

In a videoconference in February with the 12th President of the Philippines, His Excellency Mr. Fidel Ramos, during his visit to our Association’s Center in Taipei, Formosa (Taiwan), Supreme Master Ching Hai described the benefits of organic farming, together with minimizing livestock production, to quickly remove harmful greenhouse gas emissions from the environment.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
and 12th President of the Philippines, Mr. Fidel Ramos
Act Now! - For a More Peaceful and Safer World Taipei, Formosa (Taiwan) February 21, 2009

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Now scientific studies have found that organic farming not only reduces energy usage and produces less CO2, which helps lower greenhouse gases, but it actually allows the soil to absorb even 40% of presently in the air CO2 emission. Before we even invent any technology to reduce CO2, or before we even reduce all the cars and transportations, if we go organic we reduce 40% of the current CO2 in the air already, and the daily emission.

If we reduce the livestock raising, then we can reduce all the toxic gases lingering in our air right now. Hydrogen sulfide, Yes. that is one of the toxic gases, deadly gases which is emitted fromlivestock, yes. Another is methane. Another is, of course, CO2. And the methane can even trigger more CO2 if it warm the climate. So, encourage organic farming. Be vegan.

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