March 11, 2009

World's largest wetland threatened in brazil

Largest wetland in the world in decline. The Pantanal region, shared by Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, is the world’s largest wetland and home to an extraordinary array of rare animals, along with 650 species of birds. However, the area has become increasingly threatened by unsustainable economic development, large-scale deforestation and pollution. The biggest problem is cattle raising, which has caused a 63 percent loss of the Pantanal forests in elevated regions. Farm pollution now also jeopardizes the balance of the fragile ecosystem. Sandro Menezes, manager of Conservation International's Pantanal project said, "It's very probable that local flora and fauna will become extinct."

Conservation International, we appreciate this clear picture of the potential losses facing the unique Pantanal wetlands. Our prayers that a caring humanity adopts sustainable lifestyles to ensure the flourishing our world’s irreplaceably diverse inhabitants.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai with Supreme Master Television staff
November 26, 2008

During a videoconference with Supreme Master Television staff in California, USA in November 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai explained the interconnectedness of human-caused events, including the spiritual redemption that results from turning to a meat-free lifestyle:

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Fertilize for more animal feeding, clearing more forest for animal feeding, planting animal feed and fertilizing animal feed and run-off pollutions, acidity caused by run-off pollution and weather change and cause more destruction and then erosion, then reconstruction, etc., etc.

It’s the whole chain of effects. And another thing, people forget all the time the “cause and effect,” the karma. Even people now, they eat meat all these years and they just turn to vegetarian diet then their cancer is diminished or lessened, their sickness is gone, even cardiovascular disease and many other diseases just disappear. So even if the methane gas is still there in the air from the animal but we turn away from killing; we drop the butcher knife, then we are protected by our own virtues.
We are protected once we turn to be a compassionate person.

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