March 11, 2009

Tainan County starts work on organic farm zone

Special zones for organic vegetarian farming in Formosa (Taiwan). In Tainan County, more than 20 farmers have already begun cultivating rice, raspberries, pomelos, pumpkins, eggplant and sweet potatoes in a 40-hectare plot of land set aside for organic farming. Along with the entire growing area, which is expected to be ready this August 2009, a 1,000 square-meter sales and exhibition center will also be opened. Officials are hoping that the project will attract tourists and become a model for similar zones around Formosa.

What wonderful news, Tainan County and organic growers! We wish your program green and bounteous success, with healthful harvests for everyone to enjoy.

In a videoconference seminar with dignitaries and the public in October 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai mentioned the benefits of organic vegetarian farming, especially as an alternative livelihood to meat production.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai Stop Global Warming: Act Now seminar
Thailand – October 11, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai:
Right now, organic food is very in. And it’s very healthy for everybody. And it’s very big demand. Also we are short of food; we are already informed that. Raising livestock makes us more short of food even. So organic farming uses less water, less time, less labor and produces more in abundance and healthy food for all to enjoy. It’s so easy, so easy, so simple, don’t even need much water at all. And the food grows so fast, and even one or two person can take care of many hectares without much problem at all.

It’s not much capital needed even. And even if capital is needed, the government should give them subsidies to help the organic farmer instead of using that to help the meat production, which is harmful to us. To help organic farming is helpful to everybody including the farmer.

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