March 16, 2009

scientist says health of planet and people are linked

Vegan diets require less land. Dr. Pamela Martin, a geophycisist at the University of Chicago in the USA, recently appeared on the Earth & Sky radio program to speak about the findings of a 2009 study of the American diet, which she co-authored. Having evaluated a comparison of land requirements for a meat-based versus meat-free diet, she stated, “You need about four-and-a-half times the amount of land to grow feed that you feed for cattle, versus using that land directly to grow food that we would directly consume.” Dr. Martin went on to encourage people to make food choices that ensure a beneficial impact on both health and the environment.

Her discussion of this important topic can be found at /radioshows.

Our sincere appreciation, Dr. Martin, for providing yet another of the manifold benefits of a meat-free diet. Let us all turn towards the veg lifestyle to most quickly restore the balance to our Earth.

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