March 11, 2009

A plant-based diet offers peace for our survival.

A plant-based diet offers peace for our survival. From the Veracruz governor and Xalapa City mayor, to businesspeople, the media, families, and even young students, the attendees of the “SOS” Save the Planet conference in Mexico came because they cared about the future, and left with new perspectives on how climate change could be solved. Indeed, Supreme Master Ching Hai’s words had left a deep impression and new hope for many, with her presence as the evening’s guest of honor.

José Antonio López – Professor of History, vegetarian (M): What advice would you give to people, in order for them to keep inherent sincerity, and to keep being vegetarians as well?

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Professor López, thank you for your concern. To be vegetarian is one of the highest forms of sincerity and love. Being vegetarian, meaning consuming an absolutely animal-free diet, give us also the freedom of conscience, of peace of mind that comes from living in peace with other beings and nature, which is the original lifestyle of all Mexicans, I believe, according to history. This is the kind of peace the planet needs to survive. You see, remind them of the ancient Mayas, which our governor has just told us that in the beginning they live on corn and other vegetables. And they did not have any cancer or any other problems. So we should learn from our ancestry. Remind people of that.

VOICE: We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for her words of wisdom that indeed have reminded so many people to return to the noble, compassionate way of living. We pray that the world will quickly take the steps necessary to restore and preserve our Earth.

Please tune in at a future date for the full conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai on Words of Wisdom, with multi-language subtitles.

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