March 17, 2009

Climate change deaths could soar

Lives lost to warming temperatures could increase. Studies presented at the climate change conference at Copenhagen, Denmark estimate that in the next several decades heat-related deaths in cities will quadruple in number. These new projections take into account day-to-day temperature variability that is consistent with the extremes of global warming. Mr. Simon Gosling, Research Fellow at the UK’s University of Reading said that in London alone, for example, this could easily translate to a loss of 500 people by the summer of 2080.

Mr. Gosling, colleagues and all involved, our sincere appreciation for bringing this valuable information to the public. May the consideration of such potentially tragic effects propel us ever more quickly toward actions to halt the further warming of the planet.

Addressing government officials, media and other dignitaries in Formosa (Taiwan) at a global warming seminar in June 2008, Supreme Master Ching Hai assured that such tragic circumstances need not come to pass – if humanity switches to an animal-free diet.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai
for the Critical Moments to Save the Earth: What Can I Do? Seminar Formosa (Taiwan) June 29, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So I suggest only one thing: just to be veg. Be vegetarian. Choose a vegetarian diet. Then all will cool down. All disaster will disappear. We will see how simple and happy life can be, and how we will think clearly, and how our heart will be more open, more blissful. We can understand many more things than we have up to now. And that we really can live with far less than what we thought possible, and still be happy, survive, satisfied, and healthy.

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