March 8, 2009

Beached whales, dolphins rescued in Australia

Tasmanians work to save beached whales. On Tasmania’s King Island in Australia, 189 pilot whales and 10 dolphins were found stranded on Naracoopa Beach. Tragically, only 54 pilot whales and 7 dolphins were still alive by the end of the day they were discovered. Rescuers kept the marine mammals wet and covered as they used equipment to dig channels for their return to the sea. The rescuers then used boats, jet skis, backhoes, and their own physical strength to guide most of the survivors back into deeper water.

We are deeply saddened by this tragic event that caused the perishing of so many innocent whales and dolphins. Our sincere thanks to the heroic rescuers for their caring and timely endeavors as we pray that humanity quickly turns to more compassionate ways, to ensure the health and comfort of these and all co-inhabitants.

In August 2008, with recent news of another such fatal marine mammal beaching, Supreme Master Ching Hai shared at an international seminar her concern and insights regarding the plight of the beings at sea:

Supreme Master Ching Hai: So many whales and dolphins, they wash up ashore and die. There are so many dead zones in the ocean. It’s suffocating them, so they have to swim out of the water where it’s full of the poisonous gas that has been released! They cannot bear it, they cannot breathe. So they have to get out of it. For them, life is in the water, but if water is full of poison, of course they come out. But when they come out, they die, too. Because they have no water. They stay in the ocean, they die; they came out, they die. There is no choice for them.

This is the worst of all cruelty, that the people don’t take care of the environment. And let all beings keep dying like this. Just to be vegetarian, how difficult can it be? Even the dolphins have to swim out of the ocean; because they think like that they can survive, even risking their lives. So why not we can just can change to vegetarian diet?

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