March 8, 2009

Australian wildlife pushed to extinction by bushfires

Climate change seen in Australia’s more extreme weather. The recent wildfires in the southern state of Victoria, the worst in the nation’s history, claimed at least 210 human lives and caused over a million animals to perish, with destruction to native habitats and some species being lost completely. The global temperature rise in southeastern Australia has resulted in extreme heat waves and more intense wildfires, while the northern part of the continent is getting more powerful rainfall. Around 60 percent of northeastern Queensland State is covered by floodwaters after weeks of drenching rain. Australian Green Party leader Bob Brown stated, "The fires are a sobering reminder of the need for this nation and the whole world to act and put at a priority the need to tackle climate change.”

We pray that through our compassion for all beings and the environment, the effects of climate change will be minimized.

As in numerous other occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke of the urgent period we are in during an international seminar on August 23, 2008, as well as the only hope we have to save the planet.

Supreme Master Ching Hai:
It’s just getting worse and worse now, and I really I don’t know how to do. If I could just go out and beg everybody on the street, “Just please stop eating meat and stop raising livestock and stop abusing the resource of the Earth, stop wasting water!” I would do that. Okay, but the critical mass may be coming soon, and it might work by itself! And we can celebrate one day that we saved the planet. If people repent in their heart and react quick enough, turn to a vegetarian diet, with the grace from Heaven, with the interference from the positive power, we might be able to save 80% of the population of the planet.

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