March 5, 2009

Audubon Magazine spotlights the meat and climate change connection.

In his article “Low-Carbon Diet,” author Mike Tidwell furnishes many connections between food choices, in particular meat, and climate change effects. Mr. Tidwell is the director for the Chesapeake Climate Action Network in the US, as well as a writer and filmmaker on global warming related issues. In his article, he states that not only are animal products very carbon and energy intensive, but their waste byproducts such as methane and nitrous oxide, are far more potent greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide. He thus advises eating little or no meat in order to truly mitigate climate change.

We are grateful, Mr. Tidwell and Audubon Magazine for informing readers about this essential way to curb global warming. Let us all make conscious choices such as these to preserve our Earthly home for our children and future generations.

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