March 5, 2009

Accelerated Arctic ice melt explained.

A new study conducted by Rune Graversen of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute and Minguiai Wang of the University of Michigan, USA has revealed additional factors that are increasing the polar region’s warming. Besides the loss of heat-reflective ice, which is already known to contribute to further warming, the researchers found that the open water is storing more energy, which it then gives off as heat. It is also releasing water vapor into the atmosphere that acts as a greenhouse gas. These three factors combined are causing a stronger greenhouse effect at the Arctic and thus are warming it twice as fast as other parts of the Earth.

Thank you, scientists Rune Graversen, Minguiai Wang and colleagues for deepening our understanding of the rapid temperature rise of the Arctic. Let us take swift action now to stem climate change and preserve the ecosphere for ourselves and future generations.

In an international seminar in December 2007, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed early insight into the dire consequences of accelerated polar ice melts.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : We have to save this planet, so that we’ll be able to stay, first.
Because if the ice all melt, if all the poles all melt out, and then if the sea is warm,
then the gas might be released from the ocean, and we might all be poisoned. It’s a lot of gas.

If you see the Singapore lecture, I already warned that we have to change the way we live, otherwise it’s too late. It was 10 or 15 years ago. Or before that, I always talk about how we deforest our planet. Meat eating and all that contributes to a lot of damage to our Earth planet.

Scientists say many things. They are listening now, but I just hope they do it fast. It just takes action. All the governments in the world really take it now seriously. It’s just I’m worried
the action might be too slow, that’s all.

Because the ice reflecting the sun, and send it back into the space, but the ice is melting so fast now, that there’s not enough reflection and because the sea is already warm, it melts the ice. And because the ice melt, the sea warmer. You see what I mean,
the cycle?

So that’s why they could not calculate it well. And so it keeps warming faster than they think.

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