February 27, 2009

European Parliament supports reducing meat to lower greenhouse gases.

During discussions on greenhouse gas reduction goals, the Climate Committee of the European Parliament officially recognized livestock’s contribution to global warming and recommended a review of subsidies to the livestock industry to bring about a reduction in methane. Bravo and thank you European Parliament, and all others for your efforts to save our planet by allowing the true cost of meat to be reflected in the market, while encouraging the consumption of health-giving plant-based foods.

In an interview with James Bean of the radio program, “Spiritual Awakening”, Supreme Master Ching Hai had detailed the benefits of an animal-free diet in halting the effects of climate change.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: In order to save ourselves, we must be vegetarian. A vegetarian diet is the nonviolence in the highest sense. And vegetarian diet is a love in action. Don’t you think?

James Bean – Radio host, HealthyLife.Net Spiritual Awakening (M): Yes, if you love animals, why eat them? SM: Yes. And a vegetarian diet will stop 80% of global warming, stop all the cruelty, beginning on our plate. Generating loving, kind energy around the world, stop water shortage and water pollution, stop food shortages, stop world hunger and war, prevent deadly diseases, save enormous tax and medical bills to build a better world, and support new useful inventions and good people’s organizations.

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