October 19, 2008

World coral reefs in dramatic decline.

Like many of the ocean’s coral reefs, Latin America’s Chitales, which stretches from Cancun, Mexico to Honduras, is losing life at an alarming rate. Climate change, which warms the oceans and makes them more acidic, is one reason for the decline, while pollution from agricultural runoff and waste along with overfishing is said to be speeding it even more. The Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network reports that across the Caribbean, in just the last three decades, living coral has diminished by 80%. Beside their remarkable beauty, coral reefs serve as buffers to coastal cities during hurricanes and are irreplaceable nurseries for fish.

Our appreciation, Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network and all who are working to save these uniquely precious marine treasures. May humanity further appreciate the interconnectedness of all life and act quickly to restore our planet.


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