October 6, 2008

Vegetarianism should be promoted for health and the planet.

On Saturday, the Finnish environmental organization Dodo organized a seminar called “Megapolis 2023 – Happy Cities,” which brought together world leaders and media interested in designing wholesome urban regions. An important consideration discussed during the forum was climate change.

Aleksi Neuvonen, Megapolis Seminar organizer (M): The idea here is to bring new ideas about cities and the way cities can promote better environments and finding solutions to great environmental threats we are soon to face.

Enrique Peñalosa – Advisor of urban strategies, former Mayor of Bogotá, Colombia (M): The same policies that you would create to implement to create good mobility, the same policies that you would create to improve quality of life, are the same policies which are good for the environment and for sustainability and for global warming.

VOICE: Speaking on the theme of “happiness” of city residents was Heidi Hautala, Member of Finnish Parliament and vegetarian entrepreneur who established one of the country’s first meat-free restaurants.

Heidi Hautala – Member of Finnish Parliament (Vegetarian) (F): If we look at 3 areas where we can improve our lifestyles and reduce our ecological footprint the most, I would say that these areas are housing, transport and food. In terms of food, we can certainly reduce our ecological footprint on this planet very much by reducing dramatically the amount of animal food that we take.

Certainly we could reduce serving meat in our workplace, canteens, schools and hospitals – quite drastically, with very good impact, and also maybe saving some money which is scarce today in public services.

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