October 3, 2008

European Parliament members report on livestock and climate change.

European Parliament members report on livestock and climate change.

Jens Holm is a Member of the European Parliament from Sweden, serving on Committees for the environment, climate change and international trade. A defender of animal welfare and global justice, Mr. Holm is also the author of a series of articles speaking out about the hazards of the meat industry on the climate. His 2007 report, “The Livestock and the Climate,” took a in-depth look at the costs of meat consumption in terms of finances, natural resources and greenhouse gas emissions.

Jens Holm – Member of European Parliament from Sweden, Vegetarian (M): Vegetarian food is not only good for the climate, it’s also good of course for the animals and for your own health. The problem though is that a lot of public money, mine and your taxpayers’ money, is actually used to subsidize the meat industry. There are also money directly going to marketing meat, to promote a meat lifestyle.

VOICE: Mr. Holm suggests that governments would be better advised to spend money on informing citizens about the benefits of a vegetarian diet. This could be done through public facilities ranging from elementary schools to centers for care of the elderly.

Jens Holm (M): Probably the biggest step a person could take is to reduce the consumption of meat and other animal products. And if you really want to become climate-friendly, well then you should become vegetarian and stop eating meat totally.
But also, we should be active in politics and in organizations, and make sure that our governments and political parties do what they have to do, and that is not to subsidize the meat industry, promote vegetarian food, for instance.

For more information about the report co-issued by European Parliament Member Jens Holm, please visit www.jensholm.se/english

VOICE: We appreciate your wise leadership and wholeheartedly support your views, Mr. Holm. May leaders and fellow citizens alike take the courageous steps to be informed and to be vegetarian for the quickest benefit to all beings on our Earth.

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