October 3, 2008

Choose veggies over meat to save water.

Weather experts in Formosa (Taiwan) recently noted that rainfall patterns have changed. While the volume of rain per day has increased, the total number of rainy days has fallen. As a result of this climate change, both floods and droughts occur more frequently in Formosa and worldwide. With increased droughts, water conservation efforts have become a priority, demanding collective efforts. Formosa’s Water Resources Agency wants the public to consider the comprehensive, or hidden cost of water in daily life.

Dr. Chen Shen Hsien - Director General of Water Resources Agency, Formosa (Taiwan) (M): If we add up the water used to produce what we eat and use, then the amount is enormous. If we can eat less meat to reduce the amount of meat production, we will reduce gas emissions and thus slow down the climate warming effect or protect the water resources

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