October 3, 2008

Australian leaders receive Awards from Supreme Master Ching Hai

Australian leaders receive Awards from Supreme Master Ching Hai.

In response to Australia’s prolonged water shortage and high levels of methane emissions from livestock, two Australian leaders have been working courageously to make a difference. They are former Senator Andrew Bartlett and State Parliament Member for Indooroopilly Ronan Lee, both from Queensland, Australia.

SupremeMasterTV to Sen. Bartlett: “You spoke up about the link between meat consumption and environmental and greenhouse pollution, and called on all Australians to urgently change to a plant-based diet. For displaying such fearless leadership…”

VOICE: Senator Bartlett received the Shining World Leadership Award, and Parliament Member Ronan Lee received the Shining World Hero Award from Supreme Master Ching Hai.

SupremeMasterTV to MP Lee: In recognition of courageously promoting the vegetarian diet, compassionately advancing conservation for our precious water resources, lighting the way to a nobler future for all of Earth’s inhabitants.

SupremeMasterTV  to Sen. Bartlett: On behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai, I wish to present you the Shining World Leadership Award.

Andrew Bartlett – Senator (1997-2008), Queensland Australia, (Vegan) (M): Very impressive. Thank you very much for that.

Ronan Lee – State Parliament Member for Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia (Vegetarian) (M): The first thing to say is thank you. It’s a humbling experience.

VOICE: Both vegetarians themselves, the two were the first in their assemblies to publicly recognize that reducing meat consumption is a major solution to curb global warming.

Senator Andrew Bartlett (M): It’s just the undeniability of the science behind it. I’ve long promoted the animal rights approach, and that’s one justification for people having less animal products in their diet. The environmental argument is equally compelling. Such a significant component of greenhouse emissions was just being ignored because it’s socially or politically awkward.

 For more information on Mr. Andrew Bartlett, please visit: andrewbartlett.com

Ronan Lee – State Parliament Member for Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia (M): In no way would I consider that one speech made a huge difference, but clearly one speech got people thinking. People started to think about their consumption of food. And I’m noticing it among my colleagues, but also I’m noticing that there’s been a change in State government strategy on food. The State government now endorses what’s called the “Low Carbon Diet.”

For more information on Ronan Lee MP, please visit: www.ronanleemp.com

VOICE: Along with the award plaque, the two leaders received gifts including Supreme Master Ching Hai’s #1 international bestselling books, “The Dogs in My Life,” “The Birds in My Life,” and “The Noble Wilds.” We applaud the brave and noble leadership of our heroes Mr. Bartlett and Mr. Lee. May your endeavors and personal examples continue to be a shining light for leaders and co-citizens of Australia and the world.

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