October 3, 2008

Acidic oceans may catalyze mass extinctions.

Acidic oceans may catalyze mass extinctions. 

Addressing a writer’s conference in Brisbane, Australia, Ms. Alanna Mitchell, author of a book called “Seasick” and scientist Dr. Charlie Vernon, former chief scientist with the Australian Institute of Marine Science, outlined how carbon dioxide emissions are acidifying the world’s oceans. Dr. Vernon explained that without intervention, a continuation of the already-escalating process would cause a tipping point to be surpassed. After this, massive extinctions on Earth would occur. Ms. Mitchell noted, “If everything on land were to die tomorrow, the ocean wouldn't even notice, but if everything in the ocean were to die tomorrow, everything on land would also die.”

Ms. Mitchell and Dr. Vernon, we deeply appreciate your honesty in further revealing the dire state of our planet. Our prayers that actions worldwide will quickly reduce our carbon footprint and help return the oceans and our Earth to a more pristine state.


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